Sunday, March 16, 2008

My First Experience with an Interwrite Pad

After learning how to set up a Jeopardy game from Lynne and Lindsey, I made my own game to review a unit in Social Studies with my students before their test the next day. I had everything ready and thought, instead of standing by my computer I will just use the interwrite pad. The students started playing the game, but when they would choose a category and amount I would click on the area using the Interwrite pad pen that ended up working only half of the time. The students didn't mind, but I was extremely frustrated. I would click on the square, one time the question one come up, the next time it wouldn't, and on one occasion the question and answer came up before the student could respond. Needless to say, I have practiced more with the interwrite pad and the pen causing a much smoother game of Jeopardy. I was just thankful that the students were so engaged that they didn't mind and didn't share in my frustrations.

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bamacuda said...

Having used a penpad myself, it is a very good idea to get lots of practice with it before trying to use an application on it in front of people. The pen requires a lot of fine motor skill training.I remember the first time I used mine in class and I thought "How had can it be?" and found out that use can lose everything right in front of the kids. Very embarrassing in front of Middle school kids! But like anything else, you get very comfortable and skilled and it becomes second nature! Good Luck! David Petitt