Thursday, March 20, 2008

A good website

Here are some facts and advantages that I found from this interesting website regarding the Interwrite Pad.

"Interwrite Learning’s Interwrite Pad was designed with the teacher in mind. This Bluetooth™ wireless pad includes Interwrite Software and gives the teacher the ability to teach their interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom. The Interwrite Pad revolutionizes how teachers interact with their class."


  1. First interactive wireless pad for the classroom; Patented technology
  2. Bluetooth wireless device lets you teach from anywhere in the classroom (up to 300 feet!) or pass it to a student and let them contribute from their desk.
  3. Use with the Interwrite Board, or project computer images on any surface to create an interactive whiteboard.
    Up to 7 pads can be used in one classroom.
    Interwrite Workspace software included FREE (a $249 value) to make your lessons fully interactive. Windows (including Vista), Mac and Linux compatible.
    Integral part of the Interwrite Interactive Classroom Solution. Includes RM Easiteach Software Starter Pack, for added content-rich lessons.
    (US & Canada) -->"

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